Planning for Businesses

We're here to assist you.

Running a successful business these days is challenging at best...

It requires small business owners to wear multiple hats to be financially sound. We are here to understand your business and your professional and personal financial position and help you achieve your investment goals.

Income Planning​

We all need resources to maintain our style of living during retirement. In consultation with your outside counsel, we can formulate a plan to optimize your income based on your resources to allow you to have what you need in a way that is most tax-efficient.

Portfolio Management​

Clients deserve a high-quality, well-diversified investment portfolio balanced from a risk-tolerance perspective. We are independent and work with industry-leading experts to ensure that your portfolio structure is in line with your goals and aligned with the outlook of the markets.

Wealth Accumulation Strategies​

We formulate systematic savings plans to help you save for special projects and goals.  These may include broader retirement goals or unique objectives such as college savings, second homes, significant trips, or anything on your list of things you want to do.

Estate and Contingency Planning​

We want to help you through this process so that you are comfortable and understand how it fits into your financial plan. By partnering with the legal community, we ensure that your estate and contingency planning activities are consistent and in line with the financial plan you have built. If you do not have a legal team, we will help you find one.

Tax Planning​

Tax issues are often complicated and challenging to navigate. Whether you need to find additional ways to save on income taxation, you do not want your loved ones to have to deal with estates, or any tax problem between the two, we can create strategies to help you accomplish your goal. In consultation with your tax professionals, we work hand-in-hand to ensure that your money is saved for you.

Business Valuations​

If you are a business owner, we can also work with your accountant or other specialized practitioners to make sure you have proper business valuations for continuity and estate planning purposes. Many industries have unique considerations regarding having an accurate business valuation completed. We facilitate this process on your behalf to help ensure your assets are appropriately accounted for.

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